We survived our 50th class reunion!

Huge thanks to the reunion organizing committee. They did a fantastic job of putting this amazing event together and making it run smoothly. We are forever grateful!

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Something magical happened on the weekend of April 26-28, 2013, in Fort Myers, our old home town. A couple of hundred people got together, people who hadn’t seen each other in as long as 50 years, and in minutes they were talking and hugging and backslapping and swapping stories as if they had just said goodbye the day before.

What a great time we had at the reunion! Some people looked almost the same as they did in the yearbook photos that adorned their name tags, some people were totally different. No matter -- somehow we were still classmates, still friends and acquaintances, still Greenies. We ate together, drank together, danced together and talked until our voices grew hoarse. We caught up with everything that had happened to us in the half-century since graduation, and we reminisced about the fun we had shared back in the dim mists of history. (One classmate said it was even fun hearing about things we were pretty sure never actually happened!)

This Web site finally has a purpose: to help all who were there remember the event and share pictures and impressions, and to let those who couldn’t attend get at least a taste of the experience. Everyone is invited to offer their comments on the Guestbook page, and to submit some of their photos for the Gallery page. (Send photos to, no more than five at a time.) New photos just posted!

I plan to post the senior class pages from the 1963 Caloosahatchian soon. If you have ideas for other features we could put on the page, send a note to the e-mail address above.


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